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Thank you for supporting our life-changing work! See our bank details below to make a donation, or get in touch through our contact details below.

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Take a look at what we do, and read real life stories about how
your generosity is changing a whole nation.


Boys who had nowhere to go now have a place they call home. Safi-child funds a boys home run by a local team; real family.


Beg, steal or starve. Your generosity means these boys have a new path. We provide them with nutritious, essential meals to keep them happy and healthy.


We take clean water for granted, but in the poorest parts of the world, it is by no means an easy thing to find. Your donations mean clean drinking water, as well as vital washing and hygiene.


We believe that despite their previous experiences children here at Safi can succeed and reach their potential. Your donation helps us see this through all the way from primary education, secondary, and beyond.

£50 a month can pay for a child’s secondary education.


Restoring dignity is important to us, Making sure the children have the necessary clothing and shoes means that another obstacle to their confidence is removed.

£15 can buy a child’s School uniform and school shoes.


In 2006 alone, malaria was responsible for 41% of hospital deaths, of which 42% were children under five. Your generosity means that each child at Safi has a medical insurance and see a doctor when they are ill.

£3 can buy a child’s medical  insurance for a whole year.