The Gift of a Future

We are a Christian initiative that exist to eradicate the heart-breaking homelessness and abandonment of children, by welcoming them on a program that will channel them to family life.

We believe children can only live flourishing lives when they are in a loving, understanding, and encouraging environment. This project exists to warmly and lovingly offer this wholesome support in partnership with local churches, schools, and volunteers.

Our project is based in the capital of Rwanda, Kigali, in the newly inhabited sector of Batsinda.

Our heart is to extend our arms to more abandoned children suffering from loneliness and insecurities in the regions of central East Africa.

Our Team in Rwanda

We have an amazing team of staff and volunteers giving their time to serve the kids.
Faustin (pictured, right) used to run a restaurant and often helped the kids with something eat when they were still living on the street.
When we asked faustin about joining the team, He said there’s no better thing to do with his time as his heart is for this children.
Faustin now cares for the children on a fulltime basis.
Feston (pictured, centre) is a passionate youth worker/project co-ordinator was born and  brought up in the suburbs of Kigali and is in his final year at university. Feston has an extensive understanding on deprivation in children and young people.
Feston co-ordinates the work in Kigali
David (pictured, left) recently graduated as a teacher, He helps the children with extra input on to their studies, which is proving key in their education and success at school.
The children are part of  Eglise pentecote de Batsinda

What we do


Boys who had nowhere to go now have a place they call home. Safi-child funds a boys home run by a local team; real family.


Beg, steal or starve. Your generosity means these boys have a new path. We provide them with nutritious, essential meals to keep them happy and healthy.


We take clean water for granted, but in the poorest parts of the world, it is by no means an easy thing to find. Your donations mean clean drinking water, as well as vital washing and hygiene.


We believe that despite their previous experiences children here at Safi can succeed and reach their potential. Your donation helps us see this through all the way from primary education, secondary, and beyond.

£50 a month can pay for a child’s secondary education.


Restoring dignity is important to us, Making sure the children have the necessary clothing and shoes means that another obstacle to their confidence is removed.

£15 can buy a child’s School uniform and school shoes.


In 2006 alone, malaria was responsible for 41% of hospital deaths, of which 42% were children under five. Your generosity means that each child at Safi has a medical insurance and see a doctor when they are ill.

£3 can buy a child’s medical  insurance for a whole year.

Want to change lives with us?

If you’ve connected with the heart of SAFI-CHILD and want to support us, however large or small a gift, you can view options to give via the button below.